Kate and Su are passionate about historical costume.  We thoroughly research,  we visit museums, and haunt the internet.  Where possible we go to original sources for the cut and detail of our designs, and use period techniques, we have excellent sources of fabric, silks, linens, wools, quality laces, and haberdashery.

The majority of our work is bespoke, we can create costume from the Medieval, Rennaissance, Tudor, Restoration, 18th Century, Regency and Victorian periods.  

However, we are also realists.  

Not everyone wants strict historical accuracy.  We love to put a creative twist on a period.  Our fantasy and steampunk costumes have an impeccable historical pedigree, with a creative spin.

We present our garments in a range of finishes depending on how important historical accuracy is relative to budget. (Please note, not all types of garment lend themselves to the complete range of finishes).

Platinum Finish - All hand sewn, patterns derived from thoroughly researched or extant sources, hand embroidered and embellished, in 100% natural fabrics and materials chosen to most accurately reflect period equivalents.  Suitable for Living History use.  Our most exclusive finish.

Gold Finish - No visble machine stitching, patterns derived from thoroughly researched or extant sources, 100% natural fabrics and materials, chosen to reflect period equivalents as far as possible. Suitable for some Re-Enactment and Living History groups, LARP,  film, TV and other applications. 

Silver Finish - A mix of hand and machine finishing, designed to pass the "ten foot rule".   Fabrics may include blends, and will be chosen to look broadly authentic, while being hardwearing, and easy to clean. Linings may be man-made.  Patterns may be adapted for the comfort of the modern wearer, or be fantasy inspired and non period fastenings may be used.  Suitable for LARP, special occasions, fancy dress, some film, TV and stage. 

Bronze finish - similar to Silver, but machine finished to a high standard.  Unlined or flatl-ined.   Suitable for LARP, special occasions, fancy dress, some film, TV and stage.  A durable, quality garment at a budget price.

We agree the level of finish required at your free initial consultation, where we also discuss fabric and cut, before sending you an estimate. 

Please remember that whatever the finish,  our garments are one-off, bespoke pieces, individually drafted, fitted and tailored to your measurements here in Kent, the Garden of England.  While we strive to make our garments as affordable as possible, you should expect to pay a little more than you would for a mass produced garment "off the peg", or something home-made from a commercial pattern.