Kate and Su are unashamedly in love with 18th Century costume.  And as UK Freeforms weekend long game set in 18th Century Venice coincided with the formation of the partnership, we exceeded our usually high aspirations to create some extraordinary garments to wear, and to showcase on this Website.  All garments have been made, by us, with period correct underpinnings.

Madame De Pompadour's blue rose dress from the famous Boucher portrait has been Su's costume holy grail for a while.

And Kate has always wanted to make the long Caracao from Janet Arnold, seen here in both lilac and graphic black and white versions.

Kate also fancied strutting her stuff as the Wicked Lady in a Magenta taffeta ball gown and natty tricorne.

Then there was the flame red and orange silk brocade jacket and orange petticoat, and Kate just HAD to have a Banyan to wear down to breakfast.  She also had to have the biggest hat in the WORLD!

Su's partner gamely allowed us to fop him up in the two outfits we now call the Ice Prince and the Ice Cream Prince Suits, and then Kate decided he needed a more sober coat for day, which we teamed with one of his Regency waistcoats.

Then our very dear friend Tym Norris gave up his Sunday afternoon frothing about the game to take pictures against the lovely background of the West Retford Hotel.  Here they are.  To zoom in, as always, click on the images.