They say the Devil is in the detail.  In which case Kate and Su are in big trouble!  We love detail; a perfect fit,  a lovely lining, a delicious hand finish,  a natty piece of embellishment, a Hong Kong finish, thread eyelets,  a scattering of hand embroidery.  

We like beading, hand finished necklines, frills and furbelows.

We choose our lining fabrics as carefully as our outer fabrics, striving for natural fibres for comfort wherever possible.

We are picky about Lace.  While no-one can afford the real thing, we carefully source lace to give the best possible period effect, for example by using a quality Edwardian Leavers Lace on an 18th Century Gown to give a more period look than could be achieved with modern lace.

This gallery is devoted to the delicious details we love, so to get up close and personal do click on the images.